Comenius Project II

(October 2011)

On the 4th – 8th October 2011, the Principal Ma³gorzata Tomaszewska,  coordinator Magdalena Zalega,
together with the teachers:  Aleksandra Brandt, Ilona Sapieja, Ilona Ta³ady and Aneta Gasiorek were visiting
Ireland within the partnership visit in the school in Galway.

It was the first meeting within the international project. All the partners from Belgium, Austria, Germany, Cyprus,
Ireland and Poland met in the Irish school
Scoil Nioclas Naofa.

The project’s coordinator Vera Cockuyt showed the presentation concerning the general aims of the Comenius
project and its main theme: “It’s all about who I am and what I can”. The presentation included the specificity of
the formative assessment together with its benefits and values. She also showed the SWAT analysis of such assessment.
Later on, the teachers from partner schools worked on the SWAT analysis on the basis of their own opinion and experience. 

After this, the schools’ representatives gave the presentations of their schools, showing their main characteristics and profile. 

All the teachers had the opportunity to see the Irish school. They became acquainted with its background and admired
the classrooms’ equipment, especially the sensory rooms for the autistic children. The Scoil Nioclas Naofa runs four units for
such children, each of them comprising of 4 – 6 pupils aged 4 – 12. 

The teachers saw the didactic aids used by the Irish teachers working with the children with specific educational needs.
Observing the similarities and the differences, the teachers could exchange their own experiences and knowledge. 

The main coordinator and all the teachers discussed the working plan for the following months. They also established
the details of the next meeting in January in Austria. All the partners logged into the project’s Internet platform where
all the presentations, details and works will be placed. 

Apart from this, there was also the time to go into the Irish culture, tradition and lifestyle. The teachers could admire
the beauty of Irish landscape and the specificity of the unique atmosphere of the seaside town Galway.