England - Comenius project
Anna Łeń class Va

On Monday 19th of October I, my three friends and three teachers flight from Łódź, from Lublinek airport to Stansted airport near London.

I lived in Isla's house with her sister, mother, and father.
We were in Orton Wistow Primary School - where Isla learns.
This school is very cool
because there are some computers in all classrooms,
lessons are interesting and all classes have got names.

Isla's class is called Monkeys
and Alice's class is called Dolphins.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we were in school.
On Thursday we were in the centre of Peterborough and we saw Cathedral where one of king Henry VIII's wives is buried.
On Friday we were with fifth and sixth years on school trip in London. We were in Greenwich on MERIDIAN 0. Next with our Polish teachers we were in the centre of London. We saw Tower Bridge and Tower of London.

Comenius trip was very, very, very cool.