Comenius week - the summary

During 17th-22nd October  the great event took place in our school. It was an INTERNATIONAL COMENIUS WEEK.
We had a great pleasure to host our partners from: 


- Eötvös József Általános Iskola in Budapeszt, Hungary

- Orton Wistow Primary School in Peterborough, England

- Istituto Comprensivo Tricarico-Calciano-MT  in Tricarico, Italy.


The official welcome was run by the headteacher - Mrs Malgorzata Tomaszewska and the school coordinator- Mrs Justyna Krzywanska


1st Day

Our students cheered the guests with the greetings in their languages.

Students from the 4th grade, under Mrs Anna Olasik’s guidance, danced the Italian folk dance – Tarantella form the region of Basilicata.

Later the visiting folk dance group- Harnam- gave a performance. The dancers were wearing traditional costumes from the region of Łowicz.

Next the foreign teachers and students explored our school and they also watched the lessons prepared by Mrs Anna Wojewoda, Mrs Anna Styrcz and Mrs Agnieszka Jachimczak.


We were given  the presents – the beautiful paintings of the partner cities and we also gave our guests some gifts as the souvenirs.

After that Mr Marcin Dwojacki and Mrs Krystyna Lukas showed our guests the PowerPoint presentation about the previous visits and about our city of Lodz.


In the evening the integrating meeting took place. The host parents prepared lots of Polish, traditional cakes. We also watched the performance directed by Mrs Magda Zalega ‘The tale mix’. The soundtrack was prepared by our musician Mrs Renata Bilecka. After that Mrs Anna Wojewoda, Aneta G±siorek and Małgorzata Wawrzyniak  involved all of us in funny, integrating games.


2nd Day

That day we went for a trip to Warsaw to visit The Royal Castle, The Old City, Chopin’s Museum, The Palace of Culture and Science. All of the guests were impressed  with  the beautiful places in our Capital.


3rd Day

It was the day of performances. All the schools prepared the tale ‘Ugly duckling’ in various versions. Our play was prepared by Mrs Klaudia Karauda, Agata Hejduk and of course our musician Mrs Renata Bilecka.

All the performances were great and were strongly applauded.

In the afternoon the teachers were participating in the project meeting and planning the schedule for the following year ot the cooperation while the students  were putting a lot of efford in the ‘funny sport competition’ run by PE teachers Mrs Katarzyna Józwiak, Mr Artur Stępiński and Dariusz Stelmaszczyk.


After this, we took a walk round Lodz and visited Dętka Museum, Piotrkowska street and Manufaktura.


4th Day

Because of the rain we were not able to see everything we’d planned in Lodz but our guests were impressed with Museum of Radogoszcz, The Priest Mill and Herbst Palace.

After we’d came back the official farewell took place. The participants of the international meeting were given the certificates of attendance. It was difficult to hold back the tears and we all regretted that this meeting went by.


5th Day

After the Italian guests had left, the English, Hungarian and Polish students took part in Art. Workshop under Mrs Danuta Sobolewska and Ilona Talady’s guidance. The task was to make the Wawel Dragon according the participants’ invention. The dragons referred to flags and national colours.

Colourful train of dragons ‘said goodbye’ to our guests.


The international Comenius week gave us- the teachers, the students and the host parents lots of excitement. The kids  had fun and spent a lot of time with their guests. They improved their speaking ability and communicative English. The students gathered some information about the European countries. We showed our city and its heritage to the foreign guests and we promoted our country. The parents of our pupils were irreplaceable and they provided their ‘temporary kids’ with lots of entertainment and fun.