My visit in Italy
Ola Durnas class Va

From 14th to 21th March 2010 me and three of my friends were on the international exchange in Italy. At 6 am we set off to Warsaw from our school. We arrived to Warsaw at 8am. We had flight to Rome at 11:30. After 2 hours we were there. We went to hotel called La Sale. Then we walked to visit Vatican and to see river Tybr. Later we had pizza and we went back to our hotel. At the second day, we got packed and we visited Vatican again with children from Great Britain and Hungary. After lunch we began our journey to Tricarico, which lasted 7 hours.

Francesca and me
At 11pm we met the families. The next day in the morning
we were at school with Italian children.
Then we had lunch
and after it we gave a performance
for Italian people about Monaciello.
Later we went to the park
with Francessca and Kasia.
17th March we went to Matera. In this city we visited very old houses made in rocks. At the fifth day of our trip, we visited castle in Tricarico. In the afternoon we watched other children performances, and we learned Italian dance called 'tarantella'. In the evening we went to pizzeria. The whole next day we were in Metaponto, city at the Ionian Sea. We ate lunch on the beach and later we walked along the beach, collected shells and bought souvenirs On Saturday we visited Tricarico again. We saw church and place where eldery people live. In the Sunday morning we started our long journey to Rome. From there we had flight to Warsaw at 2:35 pm.

This trip was in interesting and I liked it very much.