My visit in England
Ola Tomaszewska class VIa

Hi! My name is Ola. I'll tell you about my trip to England.

We came to England by plane and by train. At the platform, English teacher was waiting for us. Later we went to school and the families took us to their homes.

On Tuesday I and my friend Megan went to school and we were on English lessons. Later we had lunch. It was dellicious. In the evening we were at the school party "fish&chips". We played lots of games.

On the third day we went to school and had a country dancing. When we went to Megan's home, we went bowling. It was really nice.

On Thursday at first we went to school and later we went with our teahers to Peterborought and bought some suvenirs. Later I and Megan went to swimming pool with her mum.

On the fifth day we got up very early because we went on a trip to London with our class. We saw Tower Bridge, Tower of London and a lots of interesting things. When we came to Peterborough I went to Megan's friend Bethen and we went to the restaurant. When we came to her house later we jumped on the trampoline.

On Saturday I got up very early because we had a plane to Poland. I got a gift from Megan and her family. I had a great time with Megan.

This is our plane

This is me and my friend Megan.
I have got brown T-shirt.

This is school
where I was learning
for 5 days in England.