My visit in Italy
Paweł Ryczkowski class Va

On Sunday 14th of March I with my three friends and four teachers flew from Warsaw, Okęcie airport to Roma Fiumicino.
On Sunday we lived in hotel "La Salle" in Roma. We saw everything in Watykan-St. Peter's Basilica, tomb of John Paul II; we saw Coloseum too.

On Monday we arrived to Tricarico. I lived in Damiano's house with his mother-Minna, father-Angelo, brother-Carmine.

On Tuesday we went to school and we saw Italian lessons. Later we saw Italian show Later we played our Polish presentation.
On Wednesday we visited Matera, where we visited archeological museum. We saw former, poor district-Sassi. Later we saw English and Hungarian show.
On Thursday we visited Tricarico. We visited in Italian school and we visited Norman Tower.
On Friday we visited Metaponto. We saw some ruins-former amphitheatre, former Hera's temple. We swam in Jonian sea too.
On Saturday we visited Tricarico too. We saw Tricarico's sanctuary and church. On Sunday we returned to Poland, to Warsaw.

The Comenius trip was very cool.