My visit in England
Weronika Grabar class Va

On 19th October 2009 I went by plane from the airport Lublinek to London with my teachers and my friends from Primary School no 111.
When I arrived to Peterborough
Sarah and her mother were waiting for me.
We went to their home.
She lives in a detached house.

I met her father and her brother George.
I gave them small presents and told about my city.
Before I went to bed I saw a hamster Spudy.
The next day I went to school. It was a ground floor building with a big playground. I was assigned to Miss Mark's school. The name of the class was Monkeys - from the first letter of teacher's surname. The classroom was colorful. There were three computers in the classroom. The desks were joined together as we worked in groups. The lesson was about rocket and it was very interesting. We made the experiment.

The next day I was at school till 3 p.m. We learned about the Solar System. After school before I went home with Sarah we learned to juggle with two and three balls. At home we played a TV game. Then I went bowling with the whole family. We had a lot of fun.

On The third day we visited Peterborough. We saw the Cathedral and we went shopping. Later we played and talked and in the evening we went to McDonald's

On Friday we went to London. I saw the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. I also visited the Royal observatory in Greenwich. There is a meridian, so I was at both hemispheres at the same time.

On Saturday I said good bye to Sarah's family and I went to the London airport by train. From the airport I flew back to Łódź. Comenius trip was very cool.